Tuesday, January 13, 2015

VIDEOS: Noisey's Atlanta Documentary (Ep. 1)

Noisey's Atlanta Documentary (Ep. 1)

Noisey kicks off its documentary on Atlanta hip-hop with episode one.

A few weeks back, Noisey hit us with a trailer for their multi-part documentary on Atlanta's hip-hop scene, and today, episode one arrives. This one focuses less on the music than the drug industry that's given the city's prevailing genre, trap, its name.
We kick things off by meeting Curtis Snow, who is, as his name suggests, cooking dope in the kitchen. After getting schooled in the art of the stove, Noisey's host meets up with Bleu Davinci to get the scoop on Big Meech and his BMF collective, who migrated down from Detroit to bring in cocaine through ATL in the early '90s. 
Thus far, it looks like this documentary will provide a deep, informative look at one of hip-hop's finest cities.