Tuesday, January 13, 2015

VIDEOS: Dej Loaf Shows Off Her Neighborhood In Detroit

Dej Loaf Shows Off Her Neighborhood In Detroit

Watch Dej Loaf head hit up her childhood home.

Gaining recognition off her major hit, “Try Me”, Detroit’s own Dej Loaf is on the brink of being the next big female rapper in the game. Looking to expand her steady growing fan base, Dej links up with Karen Civil TV and does the latest episode of “Welcome To The Neighborhood”.
During the 10 minute clip, Dej gives fans a closer look into her daily lifestyle and heads back to her old neighborhood and home to show us where she recorded all her music including the “Try Me” record. She says.,
”I was just in my room, in my zone going crazy,” she explained. “Usually when he [DDS ] send over beats I sit and I vibe with my headphones on. When I hear something I like there’s no stopping it. I got my phone out and start writing it. The thing with it, I just knew it was a dope song.”

She also explains her bad trials with asthma and having to carry a inhaler with her. If you’re a fan of Dej or this record, then I suggest you check this ish out right now.