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STREAM: Nipsey Hussle - Mailbox Money

Nipsey Hussle - Mailbox Money

AUDIO: Mad Skillz – 2014 Rap Up

 Mad Skillz – 2014 Rap Up

NEWS: First Week Sales For Fabolous' "The Young OG Project" [Update: Final Numbers Arrive From Billboard]

First Week Sales For Fabolous' "The Young OG Project" [Update: Final Numbers Arrive From Billboard]

Fabolous moves just under 100k in the first week out.

Fabolous has sort of made a tradition out of dropping projects on Christmas day, and this year was no different with his new album The Young OG Projecthitting iTunes on December 25th.
The '90s inspired album seems to be doing well out the gate, and HitsDailyDouble arrives with some first week sales for the album today. Whereas Billboard has been counting a mix of sales and digital streams, this number from HDD appears to be just sales, and so it could be updated slightly once Billboard reveals their stats.
Nonetheless, HDD reports that Fab moved 72,000 units opening week, which will likely land him within the top 10 of the Billboard 200. 
Did you cop The Young OG Project? Initial thoughts? Share in the comment section below.
On a related note, it appears J. Cole's 2014 Forest Hills Drive moved another 105,000 copies in its third week out, which beats Nicki Minaj's second week out with The Pinkprint, which moved 104,000.
[Update: Final Numbers Arrive From Billboard]
As we expected, we get a slightly updated number for Fabolous' The Young OG Project with Billboard revealing their stats. Loso actually did 71,000 units, which didn't quite get him in the top 10, but he is rounding out the top 12 at #12.
As for J. Cole and Nicki Minaj, when we bring digital streams into the mix, The Pinkprint actually outdid 2014 Forest Hills Drive this week. Billboard reports from Neilsen SoundScan that Nicki did 156,000 units total, with sales of just 105,000. J. Cole did 120,000 units total, with sales of 104,000.

NEWS: Migos & Lil Wayne Spotted In Studio Together

 Migos & Lil Wayne Spotted In Studio Together

Lil Wayne x Migos chill in the studio.

Although Lil Wayne has been facing a setback or two when it comes to his new album Tha Carter V, he's not letting that hinder his work process. The rapper recently hit the studio with Migos, presumably cooking up a hot collaboration or two.
There has yet to be a Weezy F x Migos collaboration, so fans of either should be excited. No word on what project they were working on, it could very well be for Lil Wayne's Sorry 4 The Wait 2 mixtape, his anticipated Carter V album, or a new project from Migos. DJ Stevie J was also in the studio, so it could even be for one of his projects.
Migos posted a picture of the them late last night on Instagram, and we got another picture from LilWayneHQ. View both in the gallery above.
The latest development in the ongoing Lil Wayne/Cash Money feud is that Weezy threatened his label with a lawsuit if his album doesn't drop soon.

NEWS: A$AP Rocky Shares "Pretty Flacko 2" Artwork, Will Drop Track At 6 PM

NEWS: A$AP Rocky Shares "Pretty Flacko 2" Artwork, Will Drop Track At 6 PM

A$AP Rocky gets us hype to hear "Pretty Flacko II" at 6 tonight by sharing the artwork.

Need a New Years Eve anthem? Well, hopefully you're leaving for your party after 6 PM EST, because that's when A$AP Rocky will be dropping his highly-anticipated new single, "Pretty Flacko 2." Ever since he performed the track in London almost two months ago, videos of the performance have been mobbed by fans eager to hear what's in store next for the NYC superstar. Stoking the fire of our anticipation, Rocky also shared what appears to be artwork for the single.
Check out his relevant tweets below.

NEWS: Autopsy Reveals Ezell Ford Was Shot Three Times

 Autopsy Reveals Ezell Ford Was Shot Three Times
The official autopsy report, released  Monday, reveals Ezell Ford was shot three times: in the right arm, right back, and right abdomen
The report was made public more than four months after Ezell Ford, 25, was fatally shot by LAPD officers in South Los Angeles on Aug. 11 of this year. Family members say Ford was mentally challenged and harmless. The autopsy states that the gunshot wound to the right abdomen and back area were fatal, and that the back wound had a “muzzle imprint,” which indicates the shot was fired at close range. The third wound to the arm was not fatal, according to the report. L.A. police Chief Charlie Beck said Monday at a news conference:
There is nothing in the coroner’s report that is inconsistent with the statements given to us by the officers.
While the LAPD says the autopsy report doesn’t prove or disprove police misconduct in the case, some witnesses dispute the officers’ account of the incident. Witnesses told reporters Ford was face-down on the ground when he was shot; however, none of those witnesses agreed to be interviewed by investigators.
Steven Lerman, the lawyer representing the Ford family, says:
I dare say that this is criminal, I think they executed this poor young man, mentally incompetent man; defenseless, harmless, unarmed.
The delay in releasing the autopsy report was the result of a $75 million lawsuit the Ford family filed against the city. The coroner ruled Ford died of multiple gunshot wounds, and was classified as a homicide.
-Infinite Wiz (@InfiniteWiz) 

INTERVIEWS: Macklemore Says He Betrayed Kendrick Lamar’s Trust

 Macklemore Says He Betrayed Kendrick Lamar’s Trust
Much like he and producer Ryan Lewis’ 2012 album, The Heist, Macklemore’s race and the discussion thereof has become inescapable. From regional underground artist to NPR curiosity to the Grammys, the Seattle populist has been picked up and dissected by most Americans concerned with popular culture. So in a period with such unrest—from the unpunished killings of Mike BrownEric Garner, and others, to the ongoing panic over Iggy Azalea’s place in hip-hop—who better to turn to?
Macklemore sat down with Hot 97′s Ebro and Peter Rosenberg to discuss all that and more, including his skin color’s role in radio reaction and parental acceptance. In one of the year’s most thoughtful, nuanced interviews, the “Thrift Shop” rapper explained that, while he curses on records and is simply following in a long line of rappers making socially-aware songs, he hears often from white parents who tell him he’s “the only rapper [they] let [their] kids listen to.” Euphemisms like “relatable” rattle around in comment sections, and Macklemore sees it—and is well aware.
He also discusses his worry about his role in the wake of Darren Wilson’s non-indictment. Though he felt a strong impulse to join the movement, he worried about—in appearance or in reality—co-opting the movement for his own business. “It’s important to listen,” he said. “It’s important to be humble.” (Macklemore did ultimately lend his face and voice to protests, yet did not release music on the subject.)
Also on the table was the radio station’s recent interview with Azealia Banks, the black rapper from New York who has been unspoken in her distaste for Macklemore and other white rap artists, chiefly Iggy Azalea, and the general attempt to “smudge out” black contributions to American culture. Macklemore declined to respond directly to her comments, but commended the power of the interview and agreed with her thesis.
Finally, Macklemore goes further in depth in the thought process behind his infamous Instagrammed text message to Kendrick Lamar after The Heist beat the Compton rapper’s good kid, m.A.A.d. city for Best Rap Album at the 2014 Grammy Awards. In an interview with Hot 97′s Ebro In The Morning show, Kendrick Lamar said that he felt like it was “uncalled for” when Macklemore posted the text message conversation between the two, which Mack agreed with.
“I betrayed Kendrick’s trust,” Macklemore said “That’s my homie…I betrayed his trust, that’s wack.” Watch the interview above.

NEWS: Pimp C Released From Prison

 Pimp C Released From Prison
On this day, December 30, in hip-hop history…
2005: Nearly a decade ago today, the furs came out of trunks and closets and ‘Free Pimp C’ shirts started collecting dust. After serving roughly half of what was an eight-year prison sentence, the legendary rapper and producer sauntered out of a Texas prison to sate the rap world’s thirst for gold grills and gritty naturalism.
Incarcerated since a January 2002 conviction on aggravated assault charges, Pimp C had been critical of Rap-A-Lot’s cash-in project, The Sweet James Jones Stories, comprised of unreleased material from years prior. Claiming to have written more than 200 songs while behind bars, the world’s most visible Might Ducks Of Anaheim fan was eager to rejoin his UGK partner Bun B.
The first UGK release after Pimp’s release, 2007′s double-disc Underground Kingz, was the duo’s most acclaimed since 1996′s Ridin’ Dirty, spawning the hit single “International Players’ Anthem,” to date the last commercial release to feature Outkast’s Andre 3000 and Big Boi rapping together.
Upon his release from prison, Pimp C was set to be on parole until late 2009. However, he would never complete this term; Pimp passed away in 2007, the result of a promethazine and codeine overdose in concert with his existing sleep apnea. He was 33.

NEWS: Freeway Creates A Line Of Handcrafted Beard Cream

Freeway Creates A Line Of Handcrafted Beard Cream
When artists and celebrities come out with a signature look, move or phrase, fans often times imagine them as the perfect spokesperson for certain products. Well, Freeway—who is known for his signature long, thick beard as well as his MC skills—has developed his own line of handcrafted beard cream known as All Natural Best Beard cream, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer.
Freeway rocks the Sunnah beard due to his Muslim faith, but it has also generated a lot of attention in the street and fashion world, attracting the nickname “Philly beard.” Due to his publicized well grooming tips for his beard, the 36-year-old artist decided to team up with longtime business partners and bearded gurus Gary Parker and Jason Hertzog to create a special line of creams to help maintain luscious facial locks.
All Natural Best Beard cream is made up of all-local and all-natural ingredients including raw shea butter, raw mango butter, raw beeswax, and a mix of natural organic oils. It’s exclusively sold at Mecca Unisex Salon in North Philadelphia, Status Shop on South Street, and online. Prices range from $5.00 to $13.95.

TRAILERS: Ice Cube Debuts N.W.A. Biopic Trailer In Australia

Ice Cube Debuts N.W.A. Biopic Trailer In Australia
Australia is always a little bit ahead. Perched just off the International Date Line, the land down under is already prepping its New Year’s Eve festivities. Aussie’s also got a jump on something else: a sneak preview of Straight Outta Compton, the new biopic that tracks the rise of the world’s most dangerous group.
During a recent show in Sydney, Ice Cube played the trailer for the N.W.A. picture, and the footage was captured by a fan. Paul Giamatti’s Jerry Heller is sleazy as could be hoped, and the juxtaposition of bikinis and police cruisers, jail visitations and pool parties are true to the lawlessness that reigned before Cube absconded to the East. It’s his character whose line elicits the most cheers from the Sydney crowd. When asked if N.W.A. stands for “No Whites Allowed,” O’Shea Jackson, Jr. (yes, Cube’s son is playing Cube) gives the emphatic correction. “Nah,” he shakes his head. “Niggas With Attitudes.”
Straight Outta Compton is set for an Aug. 14 2015 release.

NEWS: Nicki Minaj Thinks Black Artists Like Kanye West Are Afraid To Take Political Stances

Nicki Minaj Thinks Black Artists Like Kanye West Are Afraid To Take Political Stances
In times of crisis, there are always cries for artists to be more vocal—even when there is an abundance of gripping protest music.
Nicki Minaj has the answers, Sway. In a new feature story for Rolling Stone, Minaj addresses head-on the hesitancy for some black performers to take political stances. “[L]ook what happened to Kanye,” she points out, referring to West’s infamous claim that then-President George W. Bush “doesn’t care about black people” during a Hurricane Katrina telethon.
“People told him to apologize to Bush!” Minaj continued. “He was the unofficial spokesman for hip-hop, and he got torn apart. And now you haven’t heard him speaking about these [murders and non-indictments], and it’s sad. Because how many times can you be made to feel horrible for caring about your people?”
In the story, Minaj also touches on the abortion that has “haunted” her all her life, her working relationship with West, and promoting positive body images for young girls.
The Pinkprint is out now.

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NEWS: Beats By Dre "#SoloSelfie" Commercial Part 2

Beats By Dre "#SoloSelfie" Commercial Part 2

Watch a second #SoloSelfie commercial from Beats By Dre.

Beats By Dre continue to support their new Solo headphones with their #SoloSelfie hashtag movement. After first dropping off a commercial for it that featured 2 Chainz, Fabolous, Big Sean and more, we get a second instalment today with a few other familiar faces (and some that appeared in the first ad). This #SoloSelfie ad features selfies taken by Theophilus London, Travi$ Scott, Jhene Aiko, Nick Jonas, as well as Kylie Jenner, Big Sean and Nicki Minaj (again).
Watch it above. Does it make you wanna go out and buy a pair of $300 headphones or nah? Peep Nicki Minaj's The Pinkprint #SoloSelfie commercial here.

AUDIO: Nipsey Hussle - Choke Feat. Rich Homie Quan & Young Thug (Prod. By London On Da Track)

Nipsey Hussle - Choke Feat. Rich Homie Quan & Young Thug (Prod. By London On Da Track)

NEWS: Young Thug Says It's "All Love" With Crips After Getting Called Out For Gang Sign

Young Thug Says It's "All Love" With Crips After Getting Called Out For Gang Sign

Young Thug explains that he's got love for Crips and Bloods alike after getting called out by Glasses Malone.

Young Thug may bool in the bondo with his Bloods, but it doesn't mean he can't chill at the crib with some Crips as well. The Atlanta rapper raised some eyebrows when he threw up a Crip gang sign in the new DeJ Loaf video, and guess what, the song is literally called "Blood"

West Coast rapper Glasses Malone was not pleased when he spotted the pretty obvious contradiction, and took to Instagram to call Thug out on his gang flip-flopping. Malone posted a screencap of Thug's hand gesture with the caption "Disrespectful.. SMMFH… School’s In!!!! #YouGonLearnToday."

A day later, Thugger responded in an Instagram video, suggesting that he's cool with both gangs. "To all my crip Broda's it's all love to me bro," he wrote in a caption, adding in a second video, "I'm just thinking about my motherfuckin' Crip partners. I don't want my niggas to feel a certain type of way because I love them, ya dig?"

Check out both Glasses Malone and Young Thug's posts below.

Disrespectful.. SMMFH... School's In!!!! #YouGonLearnToday

A photo posted by Glasses Malone (@glassesloc) on

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AUDIO: Joey Bada$$ - On & On Feat. Maverick Sabre & Dyemond Lewis

Joey Bada$$ - On & On Feat. Maverick Sabre & Dyemond Lewis 

Listen to Joey Bada$$' newest leak "On & On".

With his debut album, B4.DA.$$, only weeks away, Joey Badass decides to come through tonight and liberate a new leak called “On & On” featuring Maverick Sabre and Dyemond Lewis.
Backed by the smooth piano-laced production from Freddie Joachim, Joey gets personal with this one and reminisces on his circle of friends becoming smaller due to all his success, and the coming of going of true happiness nowadays. The reflective, lyrical cut follows up his most recent release “Curry Chicken”, which too will see life on his debut album.
Due out January 20th, B4.DA.$$ will contain 17 tracks and feature guest appearances from Raury, Action Bronson, BJ The Chicago Kid, and many more. Pre-orders can already be purchased on iTunes today.
Thoughts on the new leak?

NEWS: Nipsey Hussle Announces Official Release Date For "Mailbox Money" [Update: Tracklist Revealed]

 Nipsey Hussle Announces Official Release Date For "Mailbox Money" [Update: Tracklist Revealed]

This is Nipsey's second "Proud2pay" campaign, the first coinciding with the releases of his last project,Crenshaw. Fans who purchased the $100 hard copies of Crenshaw were granted access to a proud to pay concert. The project was announced as a success, with Nipsey reaching his 1000 hard copy goal. 100 copies were reported as being purchased by Jay-Z. 
Excited to close out the year with new music from Nipsey Hussle? Check out his first single off the project, "50 Niggaz".
[Update: Official Tracklist Revealed]
After revealing the December 31st release date for Mailbox Money a few days ago, Nipsey Hussle decides to come through tonight and share the official tracklisting via Instagram.
Laced with 15 tracks, the project will feature guest appearances from K Camp, Rick Ross, Dom Kennedy, J Stone, Buddy, and Trae Tha Truth. Meanwhile, production will be handled by the likes of Hit-Boy, Sap, DJ Mustard, 1500 or Nothin, DJ Khahlil, and others.
Check out the official tracklist in the gallery below.

AUDIO: Mick Jenkins closes out the year with a fiery new track in "11"

Mick Jenkins closes out the year with a fiery new track in "11".

While most would feel it's safe to assume 2014 has been a great year for Mick Jenkins (with the release of his critically acclaimed The Water(s) ) his new track, "11", makes it clear several of the major events and topics of the year are heavy on his mind. 

While Mick closes the track by repeating "I can't breath" (a reference to Eric Garner's homicide), his usage of the now famous Paul Mooney quote can likely be attributed to one of the other popular topics of the day, cultural appropriation. 

The production provided by NIFD productions sets a serious tone. Not overly produced, simple with hard hitting bass, allowing Mick to clear his mind and be understood clearly.  

NEWS: Fabolous Addresses Drake Diss

Fabolous Addresses Drake Diss

Fabolous says that Drake's Rolling Stone comments did not get to him.
Fabolous said that he cleared the air with Drake after the Canadian rapper mentioned him in a Rolling Stone article, according to an MTV interview posted today (December 29).
“Not to keep adding to an old story, but I spoke to Drake a little while after,” Fabolous says in the video. “I ran into him at a Jordan Brand event and he was disgusted by how press will kinda instigate a story — make it seem worse than it was for the sake of being story.”
Fabolous references Drake’s published comments in his interview with Rolling Stone published in Februray. The article delves into Drake’s thoughts on Hip Hop artists such as Jay Z and Kanye West.
"There were some real questionable bars on there," Drake says in the interview. "Like that Swag-hili line? Come on man, man. Even Fabolous wouldn’t say some shit like that."
Fabolous says Drake apologized to him over the comments.
“He apologized that I was even brought into that whole mess," Fabolous says. "I was shocked. Out of that conversation where they were talking about Jay and Kanye, for my name to come up in that mix, it definitely seemed like it was spoken up. It’s over. It’s under the bridge. I got a lot of respect for what Drake does and he’s expressed to me personally, so we move on from there.”
Fabolous says that he spoke with Drake in person, rather than airing his feelings over social media.
“I actually just bumped into him,” Fabolous says in the interview. “I wasn’t even too much tripping on it because I didn’t know how much truth to it there was. In my young twitter days, I might have fired a remark back but now I’d rather chop it up.”
Fab says that he is critical of the media’s willingness to sensationalize words.
“As a young artist, you gotta experience that before you understand that they will take your words and either flip ‘em,” Fab says. “It might’ve been a light part of the conversation, but they use it as the strength to sell the story, to sensationalize the story.”
Fabolous’ '90s-themed album The Young OG Project dropped last week, to a 3.5 from HHDX.
In late 2013 Fabolous told Sway’s Universe that Drake inspires him.
"But sometimes I need something that's gonna push me in a different direction, like 'Yo, that guy said something that touched me' I told Drake, Fabolous says. “Drake is one of those guys who's from this generation, but he can rap. No matter what you say about the kid, he can rap."

Get More: Fabolous, Music News

AUDIO: Battle Of The Flows - Eminem Vs. Kendrick Lamar

Battle Of The Flows - Eminem Vs. Kendrick Lamar 
A fan put together a 13 round bar for bar video comparing Eminem verses with some of Kendrick Lamar's. Who do you think is a better lyricist? Let us know in the comment section.
In 13 rounds I brought 13 of Eminem's and 13 of Kendrick's songs together which I believe to have the best and most distinct flow from them, and compared them based off of similarities in content or style. This took about 5 or 6 hours to make so I hope at least a few people were interested or entertained by this video.

Kendrick Lamar


Can't Decide

AUDIO: Young Thug - Pelican Fly

Young Thug - Pelican Fly

Young Thug drops a new one called "Pelican Fly".

New Young Thug songs have been dropping out of the sky all year, and the momentum of his output hasn't slowed during the holiday season. Just yesterday, we got a new record from him and frequent collaborator, Rich Homie Quan, and today we get "Pelican Fly", a solo Thugger cut.

The record is gleefully poppy, with a very catchy hook and plenty of the vocal tics that have come to define Thug as a performer. The ATL experimentalist has a couple new projects lined up for the new year, including Volume 2 of the Rich Gang tape, and his highly anticipated full length with Metro Boomin, Metro Thuggin.

NEWS: Nicki Minaj Acting In High School Play (Throwback)

Nicki Minaj Acting In High School Play

A clip of Nicki Minaj acting in a play for her High School has surfaced online.

While she's toned dow the voices to a certain extent, Nicki Minaj will always be a theatrical performer. This can be partially credited to her experiences as a theatre student in High School, and while we were always sure Nicki was a star from way back, we've never actually seen any evidence of her High School acting.
A new clip has just surfaced which shows Minaj (or back then, Onika) acting out a fairly intense scene, and working with a teacher on her role.
Nicki's album "The Pinkprint" debuted at number 2 on the Billboard chart this week.

STREAM: Stream Rae Sremmurd's "SremmLife" Album

Stream Rae Sremmurd's "SremmLife" Album

Stream Rae Sremmurd's new album, "SremmLife" in its entirety.

Rae Sremmurd really burst onto the scene in 2014. A year ago, no one could tell you their name, and now a few people can even pronounce it! The duo have scored two certified smashes with "No Flex Zone" and "No Type", and surely have a couple more waiting to break through. They've now released their debut album for free stream, wasting no time getting their material out there while they're buzzing.

The 11 track project features guest appearances from Nicki Minaj, Young Thug, Big Sean and more. View the full tracklist below, and check out the stream over at iTunes.

1. Lit Like Bic
2. Unlock the Swag (Feat. Jace of Two-9)
3. No Flex Zone
4. My X
5. This Could Be Us
6. Come Get Her
7. Up Like Trump
8. Throw Sum Mo (Feat. Nicki Minaj & Young Thug)
9. Yno (Feat. Big Sean)
10. No Type
11. Safe Sex Pay Checks

BEEF: YG & DJ Mustard Are Dissing Each Other On Instagram

YG & DJ Mustard Are Dissing Each Other On Instagram

YG and DJ Mustard are beefing on Instagram.

YG and DJ Mustard proved they were an unstoppable team with the former's debut album, My Krazy Life, but many great creative partnerships end ugly, and things may be going that way for these two judging by their recent Instagram quarrel.

While it's not entirely clear how things got started, the first (now deleted) post found Mustard addressing fans, requesting people stop asking him about "that YG shit", and then accusing the rapper of not paying him for work on My Krazy Life. YG retaliated with claims that he was never paid for Mustard's album or his iconic "Mustard On The Beat, Hoe" drop.

The two then decided they weren't for "this internet shit", seemingly making plans to meet up and settle things, the last post being a screencap of YG's call log, claiming Mustard wasn't picking up his phone.

We'll keep you posted on what's going down. Check out all the posts so far below.

A photo posted by YG (@yg) on

NEWS: New Investigation Reveals Mac Of The 504 Boyz May Be Innocent Of Manslaughter

New Investigation Reveals Mac Of The 504 Boyz May Be Innocent Of Manslaughter

At the turn of the century, Mac “The Camouflage Assassin” seemed destined for big things. His 1998 debut, Shell Shocked, came out on Master P’s No Limit Records and reached No. 11 on Billboard. He was collaborating with Silkk The Shocker, C-Murder, Soulja Slim and pretty much anyone you would want to hear in New Orleans at the time. He gained further notoriety as a member of the 504 Boyz, dropping “Wobble Wobble”  off the famous collective LP Goodfellas in 2000. Then in Mac went Jr to prison.
Mac, born McKinley Phipps Jr., was charged in the shooting death of 19-year-old Barron Victor Jr. at a nightclub open mic in Slidell, La. Charged with second-degree murder, Phipps was convicted of manslaughter, a lesser charge, but still enough to land him in jail until his scheduled release in 2024. (Phipps says he has spent his time inside writing songs, and occasionally performs.)
However, new evidence casts doubt on his conviction. An investigation by The Medill Justice Project, Louisiana State University, and The Lens, has concluded that there are four major points of contention: another shooter, originally disbelieved by authorities, confessed to the crime; witnesses doubt that the key eyewitness saw the shooting at all; several witnesses claim Phipps did not fire any shots; a principal eyewitness recently signed an affidavit, recanting her testimony that she saw Phipps fire a weapon.
Also notable in Phipps’ original trial was a prosecutor’s determination to use the rapper’s lyrics as evidence. Songs like “Murda, Murda, Kill Kill” were cited as being pertinent to Phipps’ character.
Thus far, Phipps has been unsuccessful in appealing his conviction, but he hopes that that might change in light of this new information.

NEWS: GS9′s Rowdy Rebel Issues Statement From Jail

GS9′s Rowdy Rebel Issues Statement From Jail
(Phone Home)
Since he, Bobby Shmurda, and the rest of the GS9 crew were indicted on a series of charges in New York earlier this month, Rowdy Rebel has been biding his time. Now, we have the first bit of communication from the other side of the partition. The Brooklyn rapper placed a phone call to his girlfriend in which he favors shoutouts over assertions of innocence or substantive reports of any sort.
Among the litany of violent incidents to which the rappers are tied is a July shooting, after which Rowdy allegedly played the Barclay Center only hours later—allegedly in the same clothes. The charges against the group as a whole can be read here. Their next court date is Jan 29, 2015.