Wednesday, February 4, 2015

NEWS: T.I. Says It’s Time For Iggy Azalea To Tweet Less & Rap More

T.I. Says It’s Time For Iggy Azalea To Tweet Less & Rap More

Tip is ready for the drama to subside
The only thing that’s put a damper on Iggy Azalea‘s breakout year is the drama she’s experienced outside the booth. A #1 single, 4 Grammy nominations and a debut album slowly inching towards Gold status would be enough for any rapper to celebrate a 12 months well spent. Unless, of course, you’re being accused of stealing black music, culture appropriation and racial undertones like Iggy Azalea is. She’s battled everybody from Azealia Banks to Q-Tip on Twitter on the issue of the categorization of her music, and has been debated by scores of music critics. Not to mention, she’s currently upset about Steve Madden’s unapproved release of some photos they took of her, and we’re only a couple weeks away from The Grammy Awards, where Iggy Azalea slander will probably be at an all-time high in the Hip-Hop community.
In light of all this, Iggy’s label head and avid supporter, T.I., revealed some of his thoughts in a quick Q&A with TMZ. He mentioned that he believes that Iggy needs to focus more on the music instead of all the smaller confrontations that present themselves on a daily basis, and went on to compare her situation to Tom Brady and #DeflateGate. Watch the quick, impromptu interview above.