Sunday, February 1, 2015

INTERVIEWS: Manolo Rose On The Breakfast Club

Manolo Rose On The Breakfast Club

Manolo Rose talks "Run Ricky Run" and "All About The Money" on The Breakfast Club.

Manolo Rose is a name most of us were first introduced to via "All About The Money," a song made popular by Troy Ave but written by Rose. Today, Rose was on The Breakfast Club to clear up the controversy around the song, as well as discuss the success of "Run Ricky Run."
Speaking on Troy Ave's use of his song, Rose said:
"I was in the underground scene, and we was turning up to the record all summer. A DJ homie of mine, he used to DJ with [BSB], his name is Act Murda.So he was DJing one of their barbecues or something like that, while he DJing it, they keep being like, 'Yo, spin the record back, spin it back, play it again.' So then he hit me the next morning saying, 'they want the record'... We get on the phone and all of that... I say let's sit down. He said 'It ain't nothing to talk about'... I laughed that off and was like, 'Whatever.' I text him, 'When you need the record?' He said, 'ASAP.' I say, 'Where do I send it to?' He never responds... He responds to me a whole month later, and by the time a month went by I put it out... He said, 'Don't be mad if I remix it.' I said, 'Aiight, you remix everybody shit!' Two weeks later, they're like, 'Yo, you on the radio!' So I myself on the hook, then I hear him, then I hear my whole verse basically used... Schwarzenegger line is directly used... And then, he not even saying it's a remix."