Tuesday, November 25, 2014

TECH: This toilet seat will end all other toilet seats

This toilet seat will end all other toilet seats

It deodorizes bad smells, includes a built-in night light and keeps you from shifting while seated. This has to be the pinnacle of bathroom innovation.
Go ahead folks, let ‘er rip.
A new toilet seat promises to leave your bathroom smelling fresh and clean no matter what you plop throw at it. Created by Kohler Co., the seat works via a battery-powered fan tucked away in the back. When someone sits down, the fan sucks fowl air inward and pushes it through an odour-busting carbon filter before letting it glide over an optional scent pack. The result is that your bathroom will be filled with a “subtle clean scent,” according to the product’s website. Three scent varieties are currently available: Garden Waterfall, Soft and Fresh Laundry or Avocado Spa.
But that’s not all. The Purefresh toilet seems to address any problem you could possibly encounter while using one. In addition to purifying scents, it also comes with built-in programmable LED nightlights. One light simply illuminates the toilet itself in a soft glow, while the other provides visibility of the bowl inside once the lid has been lifted. The seat also comes with bumpers that prevent you from shifting around while seated, as well as technology that prevents the seat from slamming when dropped.
Heck, the only thing it doesn’t do for you is wipe.
The seat itself costs $117 online, but you can also find it in some plumbing or hardware stores across Canada. The refill scent packs, which should be replaced monthly, go for $8.95 for three, while the carbon filters will run you $7.95 about every six months.
Just don’t forget to flush.