Sunday, November 30, 2014

NEWS: Michael Phelps Banged A Shim (Male)

Michael Phelps Banged A Shim

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, per usual you had this scoop way before traditional media caught wind. So Phelps ex-tranny is now going around doing interviews about the relationship and has admitted to being born a man! Again small minded idiots love to hate on you, but you always seem to overcome that bullsh*t (even in court). I’ve been DA strong for a hot minute and your site is great PSA for people like me (I work a good finance job). I can’t count how many times my friends have been f*cked over by some pay for play trout chaser, meanwhile I avoid any chick that wants red bottoms and know tinder is cess pool for drd’s etc. Keep doing what your doing, while DR. Phill and chumps like that wanna talk sh*t, it’s only because they know they haven’t saved a f*cking quarter of the lives you have.  Also, how the hell did you know that is a dude???
Does this mean Michael Phelps is gay?- nik

UPDATE: Michael Phelps Taylor Lianne Chandler Met On Tinder
Nik, TMZ posted it, and then took it down, but google searches still show the images and here are screen shots. A source close to Taylor says she has been negotiating a settlement with Drew Johnson at Octagon Sports Management to keep her 6 week love affair with Michael quiet and not expose the pics of them together or him naked (Blackmail). She posted on twitter feeling betrayed by TMZ with images. The source says Taylor has been tested for sexual diseases now that she knows Michael was not only having unprotected sex with her, but with Nicole Johnson, Miss California 2010. If you look at all their social media it over laps. Nicole has taken all her Instagram photos down. Before Taylor deleted her original accounts after this happened you would have really seen the time line clearly. A source close to TMZ stated that she forgives him and is sticking by him. Kind of contradicts her motives with Octagon. His court date is postponed till December 19. I believe the fireworks will happen when he leaves Star Colorado Rehab on November 19th and has to deal with both these women, who he has sent private jets to come see him at different times. Part of Taylor’s original interview with TMZ that has now been scrapped due to lawyers stated she lost her job in government and hospital interpreting and she is moving to NY to pursue a new career. I guess the money she gets from Phelps will set her up nicely. Looks like he will be the loser in this with both women.