Monday, December 29, 2014

NEWS: Azealia Banks And Action Bronson Argue On Twitter Again

 Azealia Banks And Action Bronson Argue On Twitter Again
On Dec. 19, Azealia Banks and Action Bronson went at it on Twitter. As you can imagine, shade was thrown and fuel was added to the fire when the two went back and forth in a heated public clash. The following day, artists like Q-Tip and Tyler, the Creator sent tweets out voicing their opinion on the situation.
Today Banks, who’s preparing to release a book called Idle Delilah, revealed Bronson has apparently been trying to apologize to her through outside parties instead of addressing her directly. That comment alone sparked the latest 140 character war between the two artists.
Peep the tweets below:

After keeping the posts up for several minutes, Bronson decided to delete the tweets from his page. We manage to get a screen gab just before it was gone. Check it out below: