Monday, December 29, 2014

BEEF: YG & DJ Mustard Are Dissing Each Other On Instagram

YG & DJ Mustard Are Dissing Each Other On Instagram

YG and DJ Mustard are beefing on Instagram.

YG and DJ Mustard proved they were an unstoppable team with the former's debut album, My Krazy Life, but many great creative partnerships end ugly, and things may be going that way for these two judging by their recent Instagram quarrel.

While it's not entirely clear how things got started, the first (now deleted) post found Mustard addressing fans, requesting people stop asking him about "that YG shit", and then accusing the rapper of not paying him for work on My Krazy Life. YG retaliated with claims that he was never paid for Mustard's album or his iconic "Mustard On The Beat, Hoe" drop.

The two then decided they weren't for "this internet shit", seemingly making plans to meet up and settle things, the last post being a screencap of YG's call log, claiming Mustard wasn't picking up his phone.

We'll keep you posted on what's going down. Check out all the posts so far below.

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