Saturday, December 27, 2014

NEWS: $4.5 Million Spills Onto Busy Street, Madness Ensues

$4.5 Million Spills Onto Busy Street, Madness Ensues

Rappers aren’t the only ones making it rain
Drivers and pedestrians traveling along a semi-busy street in Wan Chai, China got the early Christmas present of a lifetime when an armored truck carrying millions of dollars sprung a leak–somehow, the doors burst open–and roughly $4.5 million flew into the air and onto the streets of sidewalks in plain view and to the delight of quite a few people.
What happened next is pretty easy to understand. Cars came to screeching halts, pedestrians left the sidewalk without a second thought and made a mad dash to the freeway to collect the money, which was literally everywhere, as you can see in the above video. Those with sticky fingers picked up what they could and made away with it, but a couple people weren’t so lucky. According to Sploid, two people were arrested in connection with the disappearance of some significant amounts of money, and authorities were able to recover about $733,000 of the lost cash. That’s less than three-quarters of a million.
Finding the rest will be, well, difficult. At best.