Saturday, March 18, 2017

NEWS: Ahead Of "More Life," Drake Hits Record 10 Billion Streams On Spotify

Ahead Of "More Life," Drake Hits Record 10 Billion Streams On Spotify


Drake is going into his new release with a strong lead on the competition.

Drake has become the very first artist to earn 10 billion streams on Spotify. Much of that figure can be attributed to the Toronto rapper's 4th studio album VIEWS, which has achieved over 2 billion streams on its own, according to Forbes. "One Dance," which became Drizzy's very first Hot 100 no. 1 last year, has over 1 billion plays to its name.

The Forbes article predicts that another artist will hit the 10 billion milestone in a matter of time, though Drake is expected to be in the 15 or even 20 billion-stream range by then.

This news comes shortly before Drake will release his new project (which he has billed as a "playlist") More Life. The project is expected to be released on all major streaming services simultaneously, rather than exclusively on Apple Music, as the rapper has done in the past. In other words, Drizzy should be putting some big numbers up on Spotify as early as this evening.

Earlier today, Drake revealed a new flower tattoo inspired by More Life. Revisit the many events that led to the release of the highly anticipated project with our More Life story tag.
Drake recently became the first artist to reach 10 billion streams on Spotify. Rather than shared as an Apple Music exclusive as Drake has done in the past, More Life will be available across all major streaming services.