Thursday, June 11, 2015

BREAKING NEWS: 9 Shot, 1 Dead in Apartment Complex Shooting

 9 Shot, 1 Dead in Apartment Complex Shooting
9 people were shot and one has died after an early morning shooting at an apartment complex in Bridgeport, Connecticut. According to the NY Daily News, the shooting occurred at 1 a.m. on Thursday morning when multiple gunmen opened fire on a group of people hanging out in the parking lot of the Trumbull Gardens apartment complex. According to witnesses, the shooters fled on foot. One of the injured is an 80-year old woman who was taking a bath when the shooting occurred.
Six men and three women were shot. The deceased is a man in his 40′s, and all victims were transported to the St. Vincent and Bridgeport Hospital. They have all been listed in serious, guarded condition and will require surgery, but their names have not been released.
Police have multiple leads and are looking for the suspects.
- Ballah-moni Kollie (@Gottadream87)
photo credit: NY Daily News